Koller ASIATICA Himalaya & China Auktion: Dienstag, 3. Dezember 2019, 10 Uhr, Katalognummern 101 – 315

| 166 COMPULSORY AUCTIONON BEHALF OF THE ANDELFINGEN DEBT ENFORCEMENT OFFICE Bidding terms and conditions for lots 318, 344, 348, 351, 354, 356, 357, 370, 375 and 379. (The German version is authoritative for the application and interpretation of these bidding terms and conditions) The auction of the items proposed in this catalogue under the lot numbers 318, 344, 348, 351, 354, 356, 357, 370, 375 and 379 is a compulsory enforcement auction (section 1) carried out by Koller Auktionen AG ("Koller") on behalf of and based on information provided by the Andelfingen Debt Enforcement Office ("Consignor"). By participating in this compulsory enforcement auction, the bidder agrees to be subject to the following bidding terms and conditions. These bidding terms and conditions are part of each individual purchase made at the compul- sory enforcement auction. The bidder is explicitly informed that the auction can be cancelled or postponed at short notice without the bidder being able to derive any claims therefrom against Koller or the Consignor. 1. Legal status of the parties The items are sold by Koller by compul- sory enforcement auction on behalf of the Consignor. The lot goes to the bidder recognised by Koller as having made the highest bid in Swiss francs in the course of the auction ("successful bidder"). This is not a purchase contract under private law, but rather a compulsory enforcement procedure. Details on this can be found in section 5. Koller is not thereby a party to a purchase contract under private law and/or to the purchase under enforcement law. 2. Premium 2.1 In addition to the hammer price, the successful bidder must pay a premium on the hammer price, calculated as follows: i. for a hammer price of up to CHF 10,000: 25% ii. for a hammer price fromCHF 10,000 to CHF 400,000: 25% on the first CHF 10,000 and 22% on the difference between CHF 10,000 and the hammer price iii. for a hammer price over CHF 400,000: 25% on the first CHF 10,000; 22% on CHF 390,000 and 15% on the difference bet- ween CHF 400,000 and the hammer price The premium percentage rates indicated refer to the hammer price for each indivi- dual item. 2.2 If the winning bid is placed live over the internet in the course of a saleroom auction that is broadcast online ("live auction"), or submits a pre-sale bid via an external page linked to Koller, an additional premium of 3% of the hammer price will be charged. In addition, the terms and conditions published on the live auction website apply to bids submitted within the framework of a live auction. These may differ from those published here. 2.3 The successful bidder must pay Swiss value added tax ("VAT") on the premium. 2.4 The successful bidder agrees that Koller also has the possibility to receive a commission from the Consignor. 3. Total exclusion of liability All warranties, liability and guarantee claims are excluded. The items are auc- tioned in the condition existing at the time of the successful bid. The auctioned items are "used" goods. Naturally, they are no longer in mint condition. Each item in the auction catalogue is listed with a descrip- tion and an illustration. The information in the auction catalogue and the condition reports issued by Koller, which can be re- quested prior to the auction, merely provi- de an overall impression and a non-binding assessment by Koller. The items may be inspected during the preview. Accordingly, bidders are invited to inspect items of in- terest before the auction and to form their own opinion of the conformity of the item with the catalogue description, possibly with the assistance of an independent specialist advisor. Concerning the item descriptions, solely the German-language print edition of the catalogue (including any later additions) is authoritative, but not binding. The items are described to the best of knowledge and belief, but neit- her Koller nor the Consignor can be held liable in any way for the details provided in the catalogue. Koller and the Consignor expressly reserve the right to call upon experts or specialists of their choice to give an opinion and to rely on that opinion. Neither Koller nor the Consignor can be held responsible for the accuracy of such opinions. Such expert opinions or reports, object descriptions or other verbal or written statements made by Koller about an item – especially, but not exclusively, pertaining to authenticity, condition, mass, material, age, period, artist, author, origin, listed exhibitions, literature and value – do not constitute explicit or implicit warran- ties. Neither Koller nor the Consignor shall give any guarantee or warranty for the remedy of defects discovered afterwards with regard to the items sold, particularly concerning their authenticity. All liability for legal and material defects is excluded. The Consignor's obligations vis-à-vis the bidder/successful bidder are limited to the same extent as Koller's commitments vis- à-vis the bidder/successful bidder. 4. Participation in the auction 4.1 In general, anyone may participate in the auction as a bidder. However, Koller and the Consignor reserve the right to prevent a person from entering the preview or from attending or participating in the auction. Employees of the Consignor and Koller are prohibited from bidding. 4.2 Bidders in the auction roommust register at Koller's premises prior to the auction using the form provided for that purpose. The duly signed registration form must be accompanied by a copy of the bidder's valid passport. Bidders who are not sufficiently known to Koller must also enclose a copy of their credit card. 4.3 Written bids from bidders who are un- able to attend the auction in person will be accepted by Koller up to 24 hours before the auction begins. A copy of the bidder's valid passport must be included with the auction bid. Bidders who are not sufficient- ly known to Koller must also enclose a copy of their credit card. 4.4 Bidders may bid by telephone if they have notified Koller in writing at least 24 hours before the auction begins. A copy of the bidder's valid passport must be en- closed with the registration for telephone bidding. Bidders who are not sufficiently known to Koller must also enclose a copy of their credit card. 4.5 Koller may require any bidder to provide advance proof of creditworthiness issued by a bank approved by Koller.  4.6 Koller and the Consignor may require any bidder to transfer up to 30% of the minimum hammer price in advance as security. This security will be offset against any claims after the auction. Any surplus will be refunded to the bidder/successful bidder. 5. Auction 5.1 Each item to be auctioned is called individually. Koller reserves the right,