KOLLER View 1/22

2 Dear Reader, One of the most exhilarating moments in the professional life of an Old Master Paintings specialist is the unexpected discovery of a previously un- known masterpiece. During a recent estate appraisal, our specialist’s eye was drawn to an anonymous painting on copper, its surface grey with the dust of centuries, but which nonetheless looked promising. After cleaning, its splendid colours were revealed as well as the tiny signature 'BRVEGHEL 1605'. Jan Brueghel's ‘Fish Market’ – together with ‘The alchemist’ by David Teniers the Younger, which had also been in a private collection for centuries – is now one of the highlights of our Old Masters auction on 1 April. You can read more about it starting on page 3. Among the antique furniture, clocks, sculpture, porcelain, silver and bronzes in our ‘Decorative Arts’ auction, we will feature several master- pieces of French, Italian and German cabinetmaking, porcelain from the most important periods of the Meissen manufactory, and works by Euro- pean gold- and silversmiths (pages 8–11). The selection is complemented by the Wehrli Collection, including a historically documented organ clock from 1784 by the Swiss master clockmaker Pierre Jaquet-Droz, highlight- ed on page 14. Drawing is considered the foundation of the fine arts. We discuss its varied functions with examples from the upcoming auction on pages 12 and 13. And finally, in this issue of KOLLERview we publish the first of a se- ries of articles in which our specialists will discuss their departments and some of their memorable work experiences. I wish you a relaxing spring and would be happy to welcome you at one of our previews in Geneva, Munich or Zurich. Cyril Koller OUR view. P. 2 Editorial PRE view. PP. 3–15 Spring 2022 auctions INTER view. PP. 16–17 Impressionist & modern art NEW view. P. 18 Out of This World OVER view. P. 19 Contacts CALENDAR view. P. 20 All auction results include buyer’s premium. 1 CHF = € .95 (as of 14 February 2022) KOLLERview is published four times annually, in German and English. Edition: 20 000 copies. Next issue: June 2022. Texts: Dr. Tilo Richter Layout: Laura Koller Translations: Karl Green Photos: Koller Auctions Ltd 1 Cover: detail of ill. 2