Koller View 2/22

2 Dear Reader, OUR view. P. 2 Editorial PRE view. PP. 3–21 Preview of our June/July 2022 auctions RE view. PP. 22/23 Review of our March 2022 auctions OVER view. P. 23 Contacts CALENDAR view. P. 24 KOLLERview is published four times annually in German, French and English. Edition: 365 000 copies. Next issue: September 2022 Texts: Dr. Tilo Richter Layout: Laura Koller Translations: Karl Green Photos: Koller Auctions Ltd In 1961, Pablo Picasso, already 80 years old, married Jacqueline Roque and the couple moved to Mougins in the mountains above Cannes on the French Rivi- era. Roque and Picasso had known each other since the early 1950s, and she became his last muse. The Spanish artist’s late work is marked by prolific creativi- ty, beginning in 1963 with the theme ‘Artist andModel’. In these depictions, the painter often sits in front of his easel with palette and brush, and portrays a nude model. During the same period, Picasso painted a series of male portraits, showing the head, shoulders and chest frontally, as in the painting we are offering, ‘Buste d‘homme’ from 17 February 1965. These paintings are characterised by expressive brushstrokes, jagged, interlocking lines of paint that partly cover the sitter’s face, stubbly beards and round black eyes that fix the viewer. In the course of his artis- tic career, Picasso repeatedly explored his own iden- tity. The present painting is not merely a portrayal of an archetypal artist, but a self-portrait of the young Picasso. Pablo Picasso (1881–1973). Buste d‘homme. 1965. Oil on canvas. 65 × 50 cm. Estimate: CHF 2 000 000/3 000 000 Hodler, Picasso, Richter – three of the most important and influential artists of their time – lead the broad selection of works to be offered in our upcoming Modern, Swiss and Contemporary Art auctions. From 28 June to 1 July, in addition to the three auctions mentioned above, we will also be offering Modern Prints, Jewellery and Wristwatches. The following week, from 5 to 7 July, our ‘ibid online only’ auctions will take place, with estimates starting in the four figures. The entire selection, which can be viewed online on our website, is extremely diverse and includes hundreds of works in addition to the highlights presented on the following pages. We are also holding a special auction for the first time on 28 June entitled ‘Out of This World’, featuring rare fossils, meteorites millions of years old, as well as film, entertainment and space travel memorabilia. Our public preview in Zurich, where you can get a closer look at all the items to be auctioned, is open to everyone. Come and visit us – we look forward to seeing you. Kind regards, Cyril Koller Preview of the Impressionist & Modern Art auction on 1 July 2022 Picasso’s ‘Buste d’homme‘ FOR FURTHER INFORMATION IMPRESSIONIST & MODERN ART Jara Koller jara.koller@kollerauctions.com ONLINE CATALOGUES www.kollerauctions.com © Succession Picasso/2022, ProLitteris, Zurich