2 Dear Reader, OUR view. P. 2 Editorial PRE view. PP. 2–10 March 2023 auctions OVER view. P. 11 Contacts CALENDAR view. P. 12 1 L ucas Cranach the Elder and Studio (1472–1553) Triptych with the Annunciation. Oil on panel. Central panel: 122.5 × 86 cm. Side panels: 120.5 × 37.5 cm each. Estimate: CHF 800 000/1 200 000 KOLLERview is published four times annually, in English, French and German. Edition: 30 000. Next issue: May 2023. Texts: Dr. Tilo Richter Layout: Laura Koller Translations: Karl Green Photos: Koller Auctions Ltd Two exceptional objects are the highlights of our spring auctions this year. The Old Master Paintings auction in March boasts a museum-quality work from a Swiss private collection: the Annunciation Altarpiece by Lucas Cranach the Elder and his Studio, from circa 1515. This extreme- ly well-preserved triptych, created during the transition from the Mid- dle Ages to the Renaissance in the studio of one of the most important German artists, remained hidden in a private collection for decades. Its excellent state of conservation indicates that the altarpiece has been appreciated and well cared-for over many centuries. You can read more about this fascinating work on the facing page. Our auction of a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton in April is truly a sensation. After last year’s successful debut auction entitled ‘Out of This World’, organised in collaboration with Christian Link’s ‘Wunderkammer’, the second auction features one of the world’s most sought-after dinosaur skeletons. It is only the third time that such a fossil has ever been offered at auction. In Europe, only one museum – the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin – possesses a T. rex skeleton in its collection. The fossilised prehis- toric animal offered in our auction, almost 12 metres long and 4 metres high, can be viewed from 29 March to 16 April in the Zurich Tonhalle, by reservation via our website. A visit to the ‘king of the dinosaurs’ is defi- nitely worthwhile! I wish you a beautiful spring. Yours Cyril Koller