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3 Johannes Moreelse. An Alchemist. Oil on canvas. 90.5×107.5 cm. Estimate: CHF 200 000 /300 000 4 Simon de Vlieger. Marine with sailing ships near the coast. Oil on panel. Diameter 40 cm. Estimate: CHF 50 000 /70 000 5 Florentine Master, 14 th century The Crucifixion. Tempera on panel. 32.3 ×11.8 cm. Estimate: CHF 150 000 /250 000 6 Willem Benson. Madonna and Child. Oil on panel. 66×49.4 cm. Estimate: CHF 200 000 /300 000 Hans Vredeman de Vries (1527–1609) be- gan his career as an architect before turning to painting. The depiction of a church interior offered here (ill. 1) is not only the first known by the artist, but also one of the oldest depictions of this type in the history of art, and comes from a German private collection. The auc- tion also presents a high-quality example of Utrecht Caravaggism by Johannes Moreelse (ca. 1603–1634). With its typical Caravag- gesque effects of light and shadow combined with highly realistic rendering of figures, Mo- reelse’s large-format oil painting depicts an al- chemist engaged in an experiment (ill. 3). Also from the 17 th century is a rediscovered work by Meindert Hobbema (1638–1709). The paint- ing was part of the prestigious collection of the Earl of Lonsdale before entering a Swiss private collection and has not been presented on the art market since the 1960s. Among the 19 th century works is a compel- ling Arctic landscape by Russian artist Ivan Fedorovich Choultsé (1874–1939) that was created based on preliminary studies made during an expedition he took to Spitsbergen in 1907/08. Additional highlights include: a large painting of Venice in splendid colours by Felix Ziem (1821–1911), a view of the Maas at Dordrecht painted in 1884 by Eugène Bou- din (1824 –1898), and three attractive small landscapes by Carl Spitzweg (1808–1885), exemplifying this period’s exploration of plein air painting. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OLD MASTER & 19 TH CENTURY PAINTINGS Karoline Weser weser@kollerauctions.com ONLINE CATALOGUES www.kollerauctions.com 3 5 4 4