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(Castleford 1889 - 1986 Much Hadham)

Maquette for Two Piece Reclining Figure:

Points. 1969.

Bronze with brown patina. 6/9.

Signed, with foundery mark and numbe-

red at the bottom on the inside: Moore


16.3 x 9.3 x 11.3 cm.


- Private collection, Switzerland.

- Bought at Malborough Gallery, Zurich,


Exhibition: Marlborough Fine Art: A Tribute

to Henry Moore, London, May to June

1987, no. 35 (a different exemplar).

Literature: Bowness, Alan (editor): Henry

Moore, Complete Sculpture 1964 - 1973,

vol. 4, no. 604 (a different exemplar).

Sculptures by Henry Moore always repre-

sent an abstraction of the human body. In

most cases the female figure is the inspi-

ration for his work, thus constituting the in-

itial starting point. With the exception of a

few cases where he depicts entire families,

his works mostly represent individuals. The

present work is a good example of Moore‘s

handling of the three-dimensional form. By

dividing the figure and creating separation,

yet maintaining connection through the

succession of points, he creates a tension

within the sculpture and new viewing pos-

sibilities of the figure.

“I did the first one in two pieces almost

without intending to. But after I’d done it,

then the second one became a conscious

idea. I realised what an advantage a sepa-

rated two-piece composition could have

in relating figures to landscape. Knees and

breasts are mountains. Once these two

parts become separated you don’t expect

it to be a naturalistic figure; therefore,

you can justifiably make it like a landscape

or a rock. If it is a single figure, you can

guess what it’s going to be like. If it is in two

pieces, there’s a bigger surprise, you have

more unexpected views; therefore the

special advantage over painting - of having

the possibility of many different views - is

more fully exploited.” (Quoted in "Henry

Moore's World", Atlantic Monthly, January

1962, p. 44.)

The present work is a small model for

the sculpture Two Piece Reclining Figure:

Points, produced between 1969-70 in an

edition of 7 plus an artist‘s proof. The large

sculptures are currently located in the

Hofgarten in Dusseldorf, in the Maxvor-

stadt borough in Munich, in the Royal Bota-

nic Gardens in London and in the Hirsh-

horn Museum in Washington D.C.

CHF 20 000 / 30 000

(€ 18 520 / 27 780)