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Impressionist & Modern Art

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(Bucharest 1895 - 1984 Ein Hod)

Route d'héros. 1950.

Oil on canvas.

Signed lower left: Janco.

82 x 101 cm.


- Sotheby's Tel Aviv, 31 May 1990, lot 27.

- Private collection, Switzerland.

The Romanian-Israeli artist, writer and

architect Marcel Janco is primarily known

as one of the forefathers of Dadaism and

co-founder of the Cabaret Voltaire, yet

his contribution to the development and

promotion of Jewish and Israeli art is of

major significance.

Amidst increasing antisemitism, Janco

fled his native Romania to Israel in 1941

and within a short period of time became

one of the main promoters and represen-

tatives of Jewish art. The years between

1945 and 1955 were marked by numerous

activities involving cultural policy. On behalf

of the new State of Israel, Janco desig-

ned national parks and managed them

as curator; he was involved with the Old

City of Jaffa and contributed greatly to its

artist-friendly community.

In 1950 his paintings were shown at a ret-

rospective in New York, which established

the international significance of his work.

One year later Janco resumed his acti-

vities as an art teacher, and the following

year his work was presented in the first

Israel Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. One

of the most remarkable achievements

of this industrious artist was the salvage,

preservation and revival of the town of Ein

Hod, which had been deserted a few years

earlier during the exodus of the Palestinian

Arabs. Janco rebuilt the site together with

other Israeli artists and turned it into a

form of utopian community, artists' colony

and tourist attraction.

CHF 25 000 / 35 000

(€ 23 150 / 32 410)